Available Settings


New in version 0.2.

SSL_ENABLED is used to configure the SSLRedirectMiddleware, SSLUserMiddleware and secure decorator. This allows you to disable the SSL redirects in your development evironment or while testing. SSL_ENABLED defaults to False.


New in version 0.2.

SSL_PATTERNS is by SSLRedirectMiddleware. It defines a set of regular expressions for urls which should be accessed only over SSL. Use can still use SSLRedirectMiddleware without this setting. In that case you would need to use the SSL keyword argument in your url definitions. See SSLRedirectMiddleware for more detail.


New in version 0.4.

SSL_WHITELIST is used to configure the SSLRedirectMiddleware. When enabled any secure request that which is not marked as secure by either the keyword argument, secure decorator or matches one of SSL_PATTERNS will be redirected off SSL. SSL_WHITELIST defaults to False.


COVERAGE_MODULES is used by the CoverageRunner and defines a list of submodules which should be included the coverage report. If the submodule does not exist for a given app it will be skipped.


If you are not using CoverageRunner then you do not need to define this setting.


New in version 0.4.

DEFAULT_TEST_LABELS is used by the CoverageRunner. It defines the default set of test labels when none are passed in invoking the test runner. This allows running tests on the same set of apps, test classes, and test methods each time.

DEFAULT_TEST_LABELS = ['app1', 'app2.TestClass', 'app3.TestClass.test_method']

If this is set, passing ‘all’ as the only test label on the command line will run all the tests.

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